2010 Nest Summary



Amelia Island Plantation




False crawl or abandoned nesting attempt, the turtle crawls out of water but does not nest.


Initial with number


Name of nest. Permitted volunteer's initial & count of nests they have verified




Clutch of eggs left in place and not relocated




clutch of eggs removed from original nest site & placed in artificial nest site




State Recreation Area, south end. Managed by Little Talbot Island State Geo Park

Nest Success Summary

The link below is a summary of the data from the 2010 nesting season.  It was a record year!

Definitions of Excavation Terms
 LP  Live Pipped:  Egg is cracked open and a live hatchling remains inside without emerging.

 DP Dead Pipped:  Egg is cracked open and a dead hatchling remains inside.  Died in emergence process. 

 LN Live in Nest:  Hatchling is totally emerged from the shard, but did not exit the nest. 

 DN Dead in Nest:  Hatchling is totally emerged from the shard and dead. 

 UNH Unhatched Egg. 

 Shards Empy eggshells.
 # Eggs Total number of eggs in the clutch.

Total number of hatchlings that emerged successfully from the nest without assistance.