"It is the sea that holds the great mysteries.  There is still much to be learned in the land...but it is the third dimension of the oceans that hides the answers to ...problems of natural history."  The Windward Road by Archie Carr.



Nest site from leatherback nest on 4/29/12.   Notice the shoe in the bottom of the picture. Good indication of the size of the nest.
Outgoing track of leatherback on 4/29/12.  Notice the shoe in the bottom left corner of the picture.  The track was over 6 feet wide. A classic leatherback track.
Early morning green turtle returns to sea after nesting on Amelia Island on July 18.



Click link above to see more pictures of the early morning green.  Photos by Kenneth Cain.

Early morning green turtle leaves her nest and returns to the sea under the watchful eyes of many spectators.

Cold stunned greens made it out of the nest, but did not survive the cold night of 11/5.

Survivor of the cold stunned event of 11/5.  Swimming out.
Leatherback hatching tracks from PLK2, 8/2/10

Leatherback hatchling tracks, 8/2/10

Leatherback hatchling from PLK2, 8/2/10

Leatherback hatchling from PLK2, 8/2/10

Loggerhead false crawl
Albino loggerhead hatchling with egg sack
Marked loggerhead turtle nest
Female loggerhead covering her nest in the early morning on Amelia Island
Loggerhead turtle returning to see after nesting on Amelia Island
Double loop exit track of loggerhead sea turtle
Live rehabilitated loggerhead  from the Jekyll Island Sea Turtle Center being released on Amelia Island
Rehabilitated loggerhead being released with radio transmitter for tracking
Erosion caused by early May storm
Awestruck!!!  In a rare opportunity, observers anxiously await the emergence of the first hatchlings of 2009.  Babies waiting for babies.....!  You think he will remember this when he grows up?
Photo by Sandra Baker-Hinton
Early evening emergence of loggerhead hatchlings on Amelia Island
Mary Duffy and Carol Sprovtsoff with live hatchlings found in nest during excavation
Turtle tracks on the beach at Melbourne, Florida.  Dotty Heritage spent a weekend with the turtles in Melbourne!