Genetics Research

Once again in 2021, we will participate in the mitochondrial DNA research with the University of Georgia.  We will be collecting one fresh egg from each nest.  The eggs we collect are transported to a lab at the University of Georgia.  We will share the results as they become available.  The DNA uniquiely identifies each mother turtle.  From these results we can determine if, where, and when a particular female turtle has nested on the participating research beaches.

This is the sixth year NE Florida is participating in this research.  The beaches of Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina have been contributing to this research since 2008.  

Look at the results from 2016.

Look at the results from 2017.

Look at the results from 2018.

Look at partial data including 2019 and 2020.

For more detailed information, see UGA genetic fingerprinting project details.