The Turtles Have Arrived on Amelia Island

May 10, 2021 marked the arrival of the first loggerheads for the 2021 season.  The first nest was laid on Ft. Clinch property.  Nesting in our area started on May 13th.  See our nest summary page for an up-to-date list.

                       Beach Renourishment Plans Continue - 6/13/21
The planned beach renourishment project for the south end of the island is scheduled to start up later this month. It will most likely take most of the summer. In anticipation of this, FWC (Fish and Wildlife Commission) requires us to move all new sea turtle nests to a safe location outside the project area by 9am each morning. 

Because of this requirement to move ALL of the nests out of the project area, we must be especially certain that we properly interpret every track and disturbed area in the sand to determine whether or not it is a false crawl or a nest. We are drawing on all of our track and nest interpretation skills and experience to be certain that no nests are missed.

Each morning that there is a new nest, one of us carefully removes each egg one at a time and place gently into a bucket padded with sand. More of us transport the bucket to a new location at various places from Summer Beach up to North beach. We use the information from the original nest to create a new nest that is similar in size and depth for the number of eggs moved. The eggs are then very carefully placed into the new nest. We then document the new nest as well, marking it with an “R” in front of the name. As of June 812h, we have relocated 17 nests

We are often asked if this will harm the development of the eggs. But, experience has taught us that when the nest is moved before it is 24 hours old, the eggs will begin to develop normally in the new location and the nest success will be similar to nests left in place.

So, If you are on the beach in the morning and see us with a bucket, stakes, and a shovel, that is what we are doing.